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High speed, PLC base 4/6/8 color flexo printing machine for Woven Sack having inline Corona Treatment, micro perforation, twist gusseting, cutting/winding system, for HDPE / PP laminated and un-laminated woven fabrics.


  • Turret Unwinder with Online Manual Splicing
  • Specially designed Micrometric adjustment system provided at each Printing Station to have fine pressure from Anilox Roll to Printing Drum and from Printing Drum to the final product (Fabric). This will improve the better sharpness of Printing.
  • Individual Gearbox system consists of hardened and ground oil dipped gears with the inbuilt planetary arrangement at each printing station. This increases the sturdiness of the machine which reduces maintenance and downtime.
  • Online print registration adjustment provided in that gearbox for easy operation.
  • Easy changeover for a change of direction of printing with the help of same gearbox system is also incorporated.
  • Infeed and outfeed driven nip roll system to maintain constant tension of fabric for proper Print registration. It will not elongate the fabric or loosen the fabric between printing station.
  • Anilox and Ink Rubber Rolls are of special design. This prevents splashing and scattering of Ink at higher operating speeds.
  • Access to each printing station for ease of monitoring and cleaning.
  • Operator Friendly and space-saving vertical gusseting unit.
  • Control panel with PLC

6 Colour Printing Machine: Model Jpflex

Advance Features :
  • Line Speed: 150 MPM Maximum
  • Each Printing Stations are individually driven by Servo Motor resulting Quick & High Stability of Print Registration.
  • Doctor Chamber Blades + Ceramic Rolls to Print High-Quality Halftone Image.
  • Fast Drying of Ink because of effective Air Drying System.
  • To Save consumption of Ink and Solvent.
  • Online Both Side Web Video System for Print Inspection.
  • Electrical Hoist System for easy assembly of plate cylinder (Drum).
  • Reduction in Start and Stop Wastage due to Slow Rotation of Ceramic Rolls and Automatic Hydraulic Elevation of Drum Rolls while machine stops.
  • Control Panel with PLC.

The machine consists of following :

  • Unwinder with Pneumatic Caliper Brake System and Load Cell.
  • Edge Guiding System
  • Corona Treater
  • 760 mm Six Colour Flexographic Printing Station with Doctor Chamber Blade and Ceramic Roll and Auto Drum Lifting Arrangement.
  • Hot Air Ink Drying System.
  • Auto Viscosity Control per Station.
  • Four Roll Surface Winder with Oscillation System
  • Web Inspection System.
  • Control Panel with PLC.
Flexo Printing Machines
Technical Specifications

Printing & Cutting Machine

MODEL Print Width Printing Posibilities Min – Maxi Repeat Print
4 COLOUR 760 mm 4+0 | 3+0 | 2+0 | 1+0 3+1 | 2+2 | 2+1 | 1+1 508 mm to 1250 mm
6 COLOUR 760 mm 6+0 | 5+0 | 4+0 | 3+0 | 2+0 | 1+0 |5+1 | 4+2 | 3+3 508 mm to 1250 mm
8 COLOUR 760 mm 8+0 | 6+2 | 4+4 508 mm to 1250 mm
Flexo Printing Machines
JP FLEX – Demo Film
6 Colour Online Flexo Printing for Woven Sack

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